Force Web Browser To Save Password

Most websites allows you to save password in web browser, but some websites disable this useful feature, you can turn it on with simple trick.

Stop Wireless Printer From Changing Its IP

Recently I was working on my old desktop and I need to get a paper print out, so I connected it with my Wireless printer which is sitting in next room, installation process was pretty simple and I got my print out in just 5 minutes and then when my work was done I turn

Make Cortana Search On Google, Yahoo Or DuckDuckGo

When Microsoft has announced Windows 10 they had also announced that they are going to deeply integrate Cortana, their voice assistance and they also did the same with Windows 10. You can ask almost anything either by speaking or typing into Cortana window and then it will show you best results, by default search results

How To Enable God Mode In Windows 10

If you are using Microsoft OS, the Windows from quite a time then you must be aware of God Mode which was first found on Windows 7 (Add God Mode In Windows 7 Control Panel), and then on Windows 8 as well, and now this is also available on latest Windows 10 as well. If

[Solved] Windows Launch MSN Or Bing Page On Starup

Last month I updated my Windows 8.1 to latest version of Windows which is Windows 10, everything is working fine and smooth, but after few days of updation I am facing a issue with my Windows 10, this issue is not so big or any bug in Windows 10, actually what happen is whenever I

[How To] Add Printer To Google Cloud Print

If you have a cloud ready or wireless printer which lets you print wireless then it makes your job easy, as now you dont need to open your desktop or any other machine attached to printer, instead if you have a Google Cloud ready printer then your job will be more easy, you can print

Force Windows 10 Update (Registry Method)

If you had tried all ways to update yourself to Windows 10 and nothing seems to be working, then here is a working method which updates you to latest OS.

How To Force Download Windows 10 Update

Today Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 update to 190 countries, and if you have genuine Windows 7 or higher and supported machine then you are eligible for free upgrade, Microsoft has said that in this rolling out phase, it might take some time for update to reach your system, and this time could

Disable Recent Files List from Quick Access In Windows 10 File Explorer

In Windows 10 when you open file explorer you will find recently opened files & folder, if they are annoying for you then here's the to disable them.

How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail

Let agree that many times when we send an email and as soon as we hit send button, we remember we have forget to attach a very important document to it, or many times we forget to mention something in mail or the worst condition in which you have sent an email to wrong person,